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Anajet Sprint DTG Printer (needs motherboard)

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I've got an Anajet Sprint sitting here that I'd like to sell. I bought it used, it worked great for me for a while (over a year), then the motherboard crashed. So I did enough research to get myself into a mess.. So I installed a new motherboard but didn't program it or initialize it prior to physically installing it in the Sprint. It's currently nonfunctional and has been sitting for a couple years.

I started subcontracting out my printing needs, and it's been a while since I've even printed anything. Also, I'm not even in the printing business anymore. I'm a construction worker these days.

Right now, to my knowledge it just needs to be programmed to be functional. I figure it's going to need a tuneup, at least changing out the ink lines. I'm not sure what else.

I know it's going to cost a bit to get her up to running order again, so I'd like to get what I can.

I'm located in Omaha, Nebraska.

I'd like to get $4500 out of it, but I'm open to an offer.

*EDIT/ADDED* Also I just replaced the print head shortly before the motherboard went. I'm pretty sure they were cleaned out properly after the last print session.
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