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Anajet samples cleaned well.

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I've been struggling to make a decision about what printing method to use to print some of my designs. Screen printing will work for some designs, but not for designs involving photographs, etc.
I got a couple of t shirt samples from Anajet; a black shirt with a very colorful design, and a white shirt with a very colorful design that included a photograph. I washed both shirts tonight. I didn't take any extra care, didn't turn the shirts inside out. Just carelessly threw the shirts in the wash like I normally would.
Wowzer! I was expecting some obvious fading, but there seemed to be no fading of colors at all. I didn't take any pictures of the pre-washed shirts so I can't make a comparison that way. Still, the just washed shirts looked great. I'm suprised. I assumed that there would be a great deal of fading. Ah, what do I know?
I'll wash the shirts several more times before I decide whether or not to use DTG printing.....Looking good though. What a relief.
I know that the quality of a printing job can depend upon the person operating the machinery, maintenance, etc....

Counting down the days until the next Bond movie comes out. Daniel Craig is a great James Bond!


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We have samples that have been washed for a year, many many times,(my husband wears them to work and he his hard on them) they still look good.
This was for the dark shirt with the skull and swords on it
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