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Anajet Mpower

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We have been using our Mpower for a while now and I have enough usage and production information to let everyone know how things are going.

I have an Anajet FP125 and an Mpower MP5 in shop. The Mpower prints a lot faster than my 125 and it has a larger print area. So much so that I need to bring in another heat press.
Last week we ran seven separate orders, one for 250 white shirts, one for 125 white shirts, one for 48 black shirts ( front and back ) , one for 16 Black shirts ( front and back) one for 14 grey shirts, one for 10 white shirts. one for 3 black shirts, and one for 1 black shirt.
It really helps to not have to worry about the white ink. I can leave the white ink in the system and not worry about ink flow or clogged heads. To be able to print dark garments on demand without having to flush the system with cleaning fluid and replace the CMYK ink with white is a MAJOR upside to the printing portion of my business.
We are continuing or sales push to sell more and more DTG. So much so that we have sold several embroidery heads.
If you have been using EK print the new rip will take a minute to get used to. After using it for a while I like it a lot. I find the color reproduction much closer to the original art. I a not sure why ( perhaps it is the more viscous ink) but the prints seem to be sharper and crisper and brighter than those done on my 125. So far I am very happy with the new Richo gen 4 print head. Its ready to go, no muss no fuss.

Total MP5 billings for the week $5590.00
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I am new to printing a went to the nbm show over the weekend and was sold on the Anajet m-power and had a few questions about the machine. If the printer sits for a few days do you have a problem with clogging and I am wanting to take it on the road to car shows and will be using outdoor quite a bit do you have any idea how the heat will affect the printer.

I have not travled with the Mpower yet. I do have a lot of experience with my first Anajet printer at shows. We do very well at car shows and dog shows. We are outside for almost all of the shows we do. I have taken my FP 125 to Yakima Washington in the summer time ( very hot and dry ) And had no problems at all.
I have had no clogging issues with the Mpower. I come in in the morning and its ready to go. With the new Richo head I woud be not hesitate to take it an Mpower on the road.
which firmware version are you using? 1.0.1 or the new 1.0.3?
Most of my issues started with this new version.
Hello Chuck! Billy Potts here from On The Spot Graphix - Fort Worth.

You are killing it with that MP5. I think I can match your 5k a week in DTG business....but the continuous problems with firmwear and glitches are making it difficult.

I cant seem to get mine to work on anything other than the original 1.0.1. It wont even work on the 1.0.2 they emailed me to test. Ink cartrides arent recognized and the machine display becomes non responsive on anything other than 1.0.1

So whats your secret? What firmwear are you on? Have you had any over pressurization of ink lines that causes the ink to band your design as it prints?
Good Morning!

I havent updated my firmware yet. If you are still having problems give me a call on my cell or in the office.
I ran my first canvas prints on the Mpower this last week and they look awesome!


Hi all,
Great feedback. I believe we have a better understanding as to why some are having difficulty on the new firmware. We've just doubled the tech staff so getting through to tech should smoother.
I nearly ready to buy my new Anajet, just waiting for the few teething problems to get sorted and ten I am ready.
Just hope Anajet have a new Australian supplier.
I nearly ready to buy my new Anajet, just waiting for the few teething problems to get sorted and ten I am ready.
Just hope Anajet have a new Australian supplier.
Why's that??
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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