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Ha I dunno how i can ever be soo lucky
I got an Anajet printer and when I first got on in January well in on month the thing turned out to be a lemon due to fact the black inks would not of either channel yay.
I got pissed and sent back to them and got a "Newer version" which had no modification's.
Well been using it alot and to be honest, had alot of color issues and alot of tweaking ehh.
Than just my luck doesn't work and go to find out the chip that tell ink head to work was fried. oh and not to mention I get issues with LCD monitor on it going blank.
They said I was lucky guy to have a batch with that issue to ha.
Well when I drained all like and change 4 ink line and all 8 damper. The thing works like 10 times better.
Color are so much better and vibrant and I guess was that cute little chip I fried.
So, if you got an Anajet and haven't used a shot gun on it yet, and purchased around oh March... Might be your chip ;)
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