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Anajet-Ink Not Charging

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Hey there!

We just flushed our our front CMYK tubes with cleaning solution. We have now put the CMYK cartridges back in but for some reason the yellow ink is not coming through the tube. When I look at the beginning of the tube (where it meets the cartridge) I can see that ink is not even being pumped out of the cartridge. I have checks the tube connection at both ends....checked the damper as well. Any ideas about what else could be causing the the ink not to come through?????? THANKS!:confused:
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I would check how full the Cart is by weighing it. If it's just the yellow, it could be the damper needs to be pulled and flushed. When you re-install it you can actually pull the yellow into the damper with a syringe and make sure that the blockage is not in the tube, needle or Cart.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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