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Did the actual Anajet Print costs match the suppliers estimates.

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First of all great forum and great contributors too.
I have seen test prints form Kornit, Brother, Anajet and Kiosk and the Anajet was superior on darks.
The Anajet supplier in Australia is unable to provide me an estimate on ink costs per shirt on either white or dark garments. :mad:
This been on full colour full size print area.
I have seen the demonstration by that was on white and Poly. To be honest the print on the white poly was excellent and took about 30 seconds in actual print time. I assume they used the white poly as it was the quickest and easiest to do.
Some forums members (big thank-you by the way) estimate $4(US) ink costs for full colour print front and back with a 3 minute print time including pretreatment!
$0.25(US) for pocket sized logo on white cotton.
I need to present a business case on worse case senarios to justify the budget.
Factors: Ink, machine, labour and maintenance costs.
Please guys and info would be appreciated.

Thank-you in advance
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Check out this thread(see link below) for some very good info. If you plan on doing a good volume of printing, the averages may suffice, but be aware that your cost can vary widly depending on the image that is printed. Light shirt prints= 20 to 30 per hour and darks around 8 to 12 prints per hour(white+CMYK).


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