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We developed a color reference chart for our transfer business. We use JetPro Soft Stretch paper with Coastal Business and MagicMix inks. We just started using a new Anajet 125 dtg printer. We printed out our color chart on a white tee and, as expected, many of the colors were shifted.

Love some of the color range with the Anajet. Yellows are bright and even. We were able to get a very good range of blues, greens, pinks and greys.

We have not been as successful with getting good reds, purples and browns, especially skin tones. A wide variety of purple shades give almost identical results. Using RGB value of 255, 0,0 gives a red with almost an orange tone. RGB of 175, 10,40 gives a red that shades toward hot pink.

Are there any AnaJet users that can share some of the RGB values that seem to work for these color ranges. We are going through a lot of tees using trial and error. I would love to have a true red, burgundy, chestnut brown and lavender.

By the way, we are printing through the RIP program. We can print directly from photoshop to white garments, but quality is much better through the rip program.

Also, the colors look much different when we print on colored garments with a white underbase. I'll save those comments for another threads.
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