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My first issue with this paper is i purchased 2 seperate batches several months apart...one batch was purchased maybe 6 months ago and the second was purchased maybe 3 months ago...i have been printing the same designs onto this paper and i'm finding the secong batch of paper purchased more recently is coming out slightly darker. No printer settings have been touched so i can only assume it is the paper!

There isn't a massive difference between the 2 print outs, but you can definitely tell one is darker than the other and my prints were more suited to the first batch with were slightly lighter as the dark colours now seem to be clashing and are slighty darket than i wanted...Has anyone else encountered this problem. I havn't yet heat pressed any of the second batch so maybe it might resolve itself when pressed on to the t-shirt but i somehow doubt it...

Secondly i am purchasing a cap heat press this week. I really want to use the JPSS on some designs for light coloured caps. However from experience with t-shirts, i'm finding that JPSS paper really needs a very flat surface to apply it perfectly to the garment...however when practising applying the paper onto the front of a cap i can't seem to get the paper totally flat to wrap around the central part of the front section of cap...my images need to wrap around the entire front part but it's quite difficult getting the paper to lie totally flat...will this affect the application of the print on the cap...

Does anyone else have any experience with applying JPSS to caps and hats?
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