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American Made, is this even possible???

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I am in the process in placing my first order and was considering going all American made on everything that I sell. My question is this, Lets just say that I did get this company up and going pretty good and decided to move on to other clothing like Jeans, shorts, etc. If I did get to that point, would it still be able to continue staying all american made? Or would I be limited to what I could and could not sell? This is something that I was considering advertising, but I would hate to backtrack down the road if I had to.
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So far everything you mentioned is at least manufactured by American Apparel. I'm sure there are others out there too.
I can say for sure that for shirts and other small items american apparel can do. For Jeans and such that I'm not sure but I'm look into it.
When u say American - do u mean American Apparel or all US made only?

Well, either way I think u'd be limiting urself. Wholesalers like AA often discontinue lines or colors, or might not have a design/color u r looking for to begin with. And unless u r big enough to order custom from them, I think it would be better to keep ur options open. Especially if u r looking to expand and get into other clothing items besides tees - there is a lot of good blank stuff out there that can be decorated, made by other manufacturers.
Yes you can go all american made, but at a premium so if your product warrants the higher pricing to protect your profit margins you can go all american made thats what i am doing as well. it costs a lot more to manufacture here in the U.S. but on the upside minimums are usually less and you have more control over the final product. just make sure your end result is not poor quality and people will respect Made in the USA.
I used to run a screen printing shop and this was a request that we always had. I used to have to scramble to find blanks that were american made. Keep in mind that American Apparel does use imported Mexican and Egyptian fabrics. Here are some companies to check out as well:

AAA- Alstyle Apparel
AS Tee's
Union Made
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