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Organ Cool-Sew needles are now available from American Embroidery Supply. These specialty needles are designed to be used any time there is heat buildup caused by penetration of synthetic, chemically treated or dense materials. Examples include rubber, foam, or synthetic goods.

They also are ideal when anything such as residue is sticking to the needle surface or the eye. Sometimes, excessive friction in the needle eye can cause thread breaks and Cool-Sew needles eliminates this problem.

Cool-Sew needles have a nonstick surface on the needle and inside the eye. It acts as a lubricant that prevents sticking and gummy buildup. With these needles you can expect neater stitches, less thread breaks, and less puckering, all resulting in less downtime.

Use Cool-Sew needles whenever you are sewing on vinyl, glued materials, foam, nylon, or anything made of synthetics. They come packaged 100 needles to the box.

All online orders are shipped the same or next business day. Detailed instructions on how to use many specialty stabilizers are available on the web site. For more information, please contact American Embroidery Supply at 888-518-6522; 678-620-9977; fax: 706-322-8504; or email: [email protected]


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