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American Embroidery Supply offers 4-inch appliqué scissors, #702, that are specifically designed for cutting needlework, one layer of fabric, thread, stabilizer, or paper. The curved blades make it possible to safely cut close while keeping the cutting edge above the fabric’s surface. The sharp points are ideal for getting to hard-to-reach places.

The scissors are made of stainless steel come with a plastic sheath to protect them when not in use. Made in Pakistan, the scissors offer value at an economy price.

American Embroidery Supply offers a full line of scissors, snips, and clips as well as embroidery stabilizers, thread, bobbins, and notions. For more information, please contact American Embroidery Supply at 888-518-6522; 770-627-2847; fax: 678-401-7160; or e-mail: sales[USER=158874]@America[/USER]nembsupply.com.


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