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As a general rule in the web design and UI world, consider the user first and foremost. If the sight of your site (little play on words) tires, annoys or distracts people, what's the point of having it? (unless you want to tire, annoy and distract)

You want people to enjoy visiting your site and find the products you are selling appealing. The site does a lot to enhance or affect the way your products are displayed and entice the user to check them out.

Look at cafepress.com for example, very, very simple layout and good colors with the main content background being white. This is very easy on the eyes and doesn't make you feel sick while looking at it. Too many variations of color or the contrast between colors can make or break a site in my opinion. The first sample is your only option if choosing between the two. Stay away from black as a background when using other colors as accents for titles and navigation. Black looks good with white or grays and that's about it.
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