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Am I on the right track?

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Hey guys... I am just curious if I am on the right track for my website... I am having second thoughts about it all.. but just wanted some other eyes looking at my project. All feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

my site is : pandemoniumprinting.com
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First Thing I noticed - "Embrodiery" and "Eleminate" - The thought that went through my head - Will the spell my copy correctly? Sometimes the smallest things detract from the idea.

I am not a fan of the neon green with black 1980's shadows either.

I would try to simplify your UVP statements - "FREE QUOTE- Same Business Day, no setup fees" is too complex. Try "Free Quote - Today!"

Make your UVP text - not graphics - for better web standings. If you are aiming this at buyers - do they know what discharge printing and 4 color process printing means?

I like the arrows pointing to services very much. I don't like the two lines in quotes above them so much"

I like the news section...
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Robert gave a great review. I'd also add that I was on the mobile version, and found the smaller green and black text hard to read. Also the font seems very conserved. Try kerning it out a bit more. Also when I click on a section under the arrows, I'd like it to go to a page specific to that method of decorating with more samples. :)
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Thanks for the feedback guys..

I am unsure about the font and colors too.. I like the black and green.. I just dont know if that comes across as kiddish?

I like simple too.. white backgrounds with black text.. I think it makes it seem more professional.

I am doing this all on my own with a little bit of web experience.. however I may invest in a professional web site builder team in the near future to create a more professional looking website.

I believe the lists of processes is meaningless. Most folks who want T-Shirts printed don't give a flip about process names... they just want results. Maybe "Printing" and "Embroidery" options. Of course in the small print, explination of things you might want to say how the work is done, but for the most part, they have an image they want on a shirt...

I think the big green lettering is quite distracting.

How are you developing the pages that allow folks to design their own shirts?

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Hey Bill,

right now I am going to be using Open T-shirts.. I think..

I have started working with it, but have not gotten far..

I think I am going to take that down for now until i get it completely up and running
I have to be honest and tell you the site looks really "amateurish", to the point where I would probably not buy a service.

I understand you are doing everything yourself and I know how difficult that could be, but if I was you I would look for any local graphic/web designers you could do some bartering with.

Offer them your service in exchange for theirs. I'm sure you can find someone looking for promo gear who could design a functioning site rather quickly.

The reasons why I wouldn't consider using your site/you?

Misspellings throughout the whole site. English is not my first language and although I know I make grammar errors, I can also quite easily pick them out while reading. This is a big issue because, and I'm sorry to put it this way, it shows a lack of intelligence. I'm not saying that's the case with you, I'm just stating what I automatically think of when reading sites.

The "lack of intelligence" makes me a bit nervous and stops me from sending money to such sites.

Also the site looks rather bland. There's a difference between "clean" and boring, and your site is on the boring side of it.

Your "About" page makes me want to go and see/hire catspit productions as opposed to your services. I would not talk about another printing company when trying to sell the same service to the public.

Overall it just feels "not finished". And if you are in the design/creating business, you will want to have the customers feel like they can trust you with all their design needs. Unfortunately the site doesn't show that.

Best of luck. Please don't take my honesty as a sign of disrespect. My intentions are for you to grow and make some money ;)

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Hey Phillips..

Thanks for the feedback!

You are correct in my site is no where near finished..

I did most of the work in the hospital last week when I was laid up in bed.. (and on some good pain meds) so I figured spelling was not all there..

As for the amateurish.. that was my fear.. the more I looked at it.. the more I thought the same thing.

as stated in an above post.. I think I am going to look for a design site around me.. and offering my services for theirs sounds like a good idea to me.

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Hey guys..
I have been revamping my site, and now I think I am much better off. Would anyone care to have a look?

Pandemonium P&D - Home
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