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With Stahls Cad Cut Thermo Film in terms of buying from Stahls Pacific and Stahls Id Direct?
For 9.1 metres (x380mm) of Thermo Film it is $73.50 from ID Direct and from Pacific for 10 metres (x500mm) it is $241.50.
Take a 50m roll versus a 45.72m roll. The price DIFFERENCE is $755.50!
Paint it however you like Stahls (shipping, demand etc), but that is disgusting.
Why not just allow international customers on Stahls ID Direct?
I never have bad things to say about things like this, but when I see this it blows my mind.
Can I buy this product from anywhere else other than Stahls Pacific that ships internationally?
Sorry for the rant, but it is very frustrating, particularly when you are trying to offer your customers a high quality product at a reasonable price.
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