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am i breaking copyright law??? with this idea?

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hey people,

just a quickly, i dunno how many of you people listen to Drake/Drizzy (Aubrey Graham), if you do. some you might have listened to his Houstatlantavegas? from his so far gone album.

i dunno if drake has invented the word "Houstatlantavegas" or not....ive got cool t-shirt idea using that word. would that be asking for a law suit? since it ONE word....just wanted to know. cos im seriously thinking its not copyright?

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I think you would be walking a thin line at best. Since it is a made up world it probably would fall into the category of xerox for trademark purposes. Xerox was a created word for trademark purposes.
Yeah, you would be asking for a lawsuit. The word is not registered as a trademark. But it's automatically copyrighted as a published work based on it being a song title on his album. Basically, he can prove that he used the word in commerce and your usage is infringing by creating confusion. As Station mentioned, the fact that it is a made up word makes it that much easier for him to protect. Even without a registered trademark, album sales can potentially result in common law trademark.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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