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Am very new to this and am looking to start building my knowledge of the industry to hopefully run a successful brand/fashion label??

So would like to find a course as such, to get me started so i can then talk to the right people and go from there.

Was wondering if anyone knows of a course in the Brisbane (australia) area which is worth while attending, or has done any of the ones that i have found so far on the net?? (ideally the courses would need to be part-time, or weekend courses as I have full-time job which will be funding this side project)

Have found two on offer. One is at Griffith uni and is a Creative short course for screen printing. The other is a Certificate III in printing and graphic arts which seems to go throught he screen printing process etc.

Or if there is anybody out there who is looking for an extra hand in the t-shirt printing industry, i would be more than happy to donate my time in return for some experience in printing t-shirts and as long as you don't mind me asking you questions about the ins and outs of the trade?? Unfortunately as mentioned above, I can only donate my time outside of normally working hours....... But if there is someone out there who is willing to help, please let me know. i find it is better to learn on the job!!!
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