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Aluminum Water Bottle Sublimation Black Specks

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Kinda stumped on what is causing the bottles to get black specs during the sublimation process. I'm doing 400 degrees at 60 seconds on medium to heavy pressure. I've also tried 350 degrees at 90 seconds with similar results. I'm using a CobraInk WF-30 system, I've tried cleaning the capping station already with no real progress.


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Someone else had this problem. I believe it turned out to be the printed design or something. The printer was printing the specks due to the person leaving it on the screen. If you some into the artwork see if you have those specks. Maybe due to attempting to clean up some previous background or something.
Well I recreated the design in photoshop in 300 dpi. Upon closer inspection with a flashlight and magnifying glass I can see small little ink specks on the paper. I guess its a printerhead issue.. Maybe I should look into a new print head
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no its your design. if you enlarge the image in photoshop and look at the design you will see those specks. I get that when I try to copy a image then erase parts of it.
Wow, another one solved. Thought I heard of this before. Best way to copy, is select the actual text and cut it, than paste in another layer. Than delete the first layer.
Well I figured what it was and no it wasn't the design. I have two Cobra CIS printers one for normal photos & stuff and one for sublimation. On a hunch, printed on the other printer and it was clear. Did a 4x6 test photo using the sublimation printer and found similar issues. After removing the printhead and giving it a thorough cleaning its printing fine again. Apparently even after using a printhead cleaner was not enough, ended up cleaning the capping station and printhead.
I had that problem a few years ago and David Gross was very helpful, it did end up being the print head though:( I loved my epson bulk ink system but had to switch, it was a c88 and it worked great for many years, then they quit making them.
Yea in case it happens again I may look at a replacement printhead
Have you seen the cleaning YouTube video for cleaning your epson print head?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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