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Aluminum pallets left under flash

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I have aluminum pallets with the rubber topper from Action Engineering. Pallet tape was on the pallet as well. One of my guys left the pallet under the flash and then walked away for a few minutes. I started to see an obvious haze and smell that I recognized right away ran over to the press and moved the arm.

The pallet looked like a big bubble formed which I assume is the rubber rising from the heat.

I let it cool a little and then tried smashing the material back down again and smoothing out any ripples / creases.

The pallet is still pretty warm and the rubber is very sticky where that bubble formed.

Is this pallet now trash or will it be ok to use after it has completely cooled?
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You should be able to use depending the bubble. If it was a wood pallet it would be warped.

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Replace the rubber top. Action engineering sells the rubber and glue but is cheaper though M&R
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