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Given that we are fellow printers and/or designers ourselves, we would simply make what we want, so wrong group of people to ask about that 馃槓

Your general look and themes are okay, but don't seem to be really targeted at anyone in particular. You might do better going deep into a niche and being all about that niche. Rinse and repeat with other niches and sites as needed.

Is "hand painted" really what you are doing? Or is it "hand printed"?

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Thank you for taking time to respond.

Yes in retrospect I feel it's true to stay with the designs one likes and would wear themselves.

Thank you. Can you elaborate on what you mean by you can't see who in particular is being targeted. I am asking how would you see that or do to show.

We are targeting people who prefer alternative style over modern fashion choices and themselves dress and think alternatively. Mostly going for young adults.
Going by social media stats we're most observed by 24-36 yo

Thank you we will think about in depth niche related designs.

Can you elaborate on the meaning of hand printed vs hand painted?

We use a stencil against a tshirt and then paint over by hand. In short.

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i agree with NoXid
the one glaring example is the model with the bee t-shirt, not the design, but the high-fashion look that is different from all the other models

another is the cat design with the 'cozy time', it just seems out of place

another is the devil zombie at the top, it does not fit your designs (plus it will alienate a portion of your potential customers, based on your designs, i almost clicked 'close' without scrolling down to your designs)

another is the bleached flamingo, it is nice though and if you do more like this then maybe add a sub-category for this style

you can start by focusing on the animal-related designs, as this seems to be the bulk of your designs
then as an option you can have a sub-category of 'random art', 'un-category', 'free-thought', etc.,
where you can put any creative designs that don't fit your main thrust

your site is good and there are some good designs
the 'hand-painted' needs to be highlighted more, and keep your landing page with minimal space used before your designs/products start with no scrolling needed
capture the audience with your talent and your unique application method (try to mention longevity in the header, as this may be a question for potential customers)

what kind of brush and paint do you use (do you heat press the tee's after painting)?
how do you keep your stencils in place while painting, and are they re-usable?
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