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Alternative Apparel Shirts - buy ahead of time?

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I am in the process of starting my t-shirt company and really like Alternative Apparel shirts. There are about 4 styles I really want to print on and put my own tags in.

Do you suggest I purchase them wholesale ahead of time, have my tags put in and THEN send them to my screen printer, or whoever will be making my final shirts?

Or is there a company out there that has many styles of Alternative Apparel shirts and can do all of this in one stop? I need a printing company that allows me to have creative freedom to design anywhere on the shirt.

Any feedback is welcome!!! Thanks ahead of time!!
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I would check with you printer before you buy the shirts wholesale. Some printers will not print on customer supplied shirts due to the inability to replace the shirts if something happens.
Like bigs said, some do not print on customer shirts. Others, like myself, will charge you for using your shirts (I charge between $.50 and $1 depending on the item)

So bigger printers will offer retagging services along with the printing, this may be another option to help ease the process.
ahh, good to know!

Do a lot of printing companys carry Alternative Apparel shirts to print on? That would be great if there was a one stop shop who could print on the shirts I want + label them!
There are many like that... check out T-Shirt Tag Relabeling and Finishing. To get more info about that. You can also make 8 more posts (you need 15) and post a request in the referrals portion of the forum.
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