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Alternative Apparel pricing changes

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hey all...

this may be old news to some, or new, hopefully worthwhile to anyone.

anyone using or having used Alternative Apparel in the past may be aware that they have 1) raised prices on their product 2) increased the end column pricing to be substantially higher (if you are not meeting the required minimum of monthly order volume)

not that it's terribly bad - i'm not shooting down alternative app.
just wanted to let anyone know who may have been ordering from them of the price changes.

bottom line is that it makes it hard for anyone ordering 12-48 pieces of a style - to purchase a blank at a decent price.
this effects anyones profit margin.

aslo, some here may know of loopholes around the system -- how to get an account at end column pricing for the smaller players in the market, wink wink.
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There is no getting around the new pricing. I am a small player, but I was able to get a VIP status on my account which enabled me to place orders on the phone and get the end column pricing that was meant for orders placed on the internet. I got the VIP status only because I had so much trouble with dye lot matching and stains on a certain style of white shirts that they gave my account that status.
I was told they switched pricing because that end column deal was only done to promote on-line ordering. But I have found that it is actually cheaper to order a dozen of a style even though I needed, say 8. Of course, now I have an excess of some tees. I am actually trying to find replacements for Alternative shirts that I have in my line. I have also found that some of the shirts that I loved and sold really well, have been discontinued which I am also on a quest to replace.
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