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So I don't know how you guys dry your screens after applying emulsion but I used to dry it with the printasystem that was part of the unit (had fan and had tray w/cover) Well i don't have that system anymore as i got the hopkins press. My question are the following.

1) What's good rack to purchase that I can put 10-20 screens at a time and keep it there until i expose (i think i've been told i can use the screen up to three months after i apply emulsion and it doesn't get any light ... hopefully there is a rack that does that..

2). Right now I'm using a horizontal unoccupied shower and stack the screens in there with just cut wood between each screen layed flat to dry with portable fan inside... It's blocked from any light as door and corners are covered in black. Is this something that should be ok?
and if it is... no need for any drying racks?

3). How long does drying usually take when i put a low/medium speed fan in there circulating the area...
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