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Alstyle 1301 Sale

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Hey everyone ;) ,

I'm looking for someone (Germany or Europe) who needs some new Alstyle 1301 T-Shirts. I know how hard it is to get those shirts in Europe, so I would love to sell them all at once to someone who needs them for his brand/shop.
We will use AA t-shirts for our new label, so we don't need the Alstyle t-shirts anymore.
The tags got already removed and the t-shirts are packed by size. Contact me for some pictures etc.

We still got

Black S=18 M=33 L=33 XL=33
White S=18 M=33 L=33 XL=33
Navy S=6 M=12 L=10 XL=5
Grey S=6 M=12 L=10 XL=5

Please contact me if you're interested, so we can deal out a good price ;) Thank you
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Nobody? :(
I really don't need those shirts anymore, so if you're interested please contact me to deal out a good price. I think I can make you a really good offer ;)
Hi, are these still available? Why are you changing to AA?
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