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Aloha to Everyone. My name is Robert and I live in
Honolulu. I am looking to silk screening for "sport"
and perhaps as a way to augment my modest retirement salary. I recently took a two day class in silk screening. The class was very educational but limited to producing a single layrer (one color).

Being cognizant of various designs now, a question
comes to mind: How are gradients produced on
TSHIRTS. My embryonic experience tells me it is
near impossible to produce a gradient on a silk screen,
yet a large number of 'T's include gradients in their
designs. Half toning simulates a gradient but really
doesn't seem to come close to the real thing. The
reflection on an automobile, for example, usually appears as a white to color gradient. The answer must
be simple; I just don't see it. MAHALO for any tips
and I hope to visit this site frequently. Aloha!! Robert
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