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Aloha everyone,

I'm a newbie. I stumbled upon your forum while researching how to do heat transfers to design t-shirts.

I started out with regular sewing in my childhood, but didn't stick to it (I only use my machine to do basic hemming and household crafts like sewing pillowcases out of bedsheets).

I then took up machine embroidery about 2 years ago. I enjoy it, but my low-budget machine limits what I can do.

And then, after buying a silhouette cameo cutting machine for paper/decal crafts, I stumbled into heat transfers! I'm so excited to find another way I can customize gifts!

I'm excited to get started...not really looking to create a business. Just want to have fun for now and make customized t-shirts and gifts.

I look forward to learning a lot from all of you, and hope you can be patient with me as I will probably be posting some very basic questions.

-mu888 (Leanne) :)
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As a fellow 808er, welcome to the forums!
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