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Aloha Amigos...

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Kind of stumbled onto this forum looking for discharge printing info. Seems like I'm in the right place...

I'm a "band" guy who has done a lot of poster screen printing, my favourite cheese is Roquefort and I like bacon. That outta cover it.
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¡Hola! Brah...

Stumble on in, you find tons of great info and knowledgeable people here. Welcome!

I'm a band guy to (who has hearing damage), my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper and I like pizza. Oh, and I am a hard core Jesus freak. That about covers it for me. ;)
ahh yeah... I've already been wandering around the threads here like I'm at a rave, it's 1992, and I've got a small backpack full of glowsticks and an airhorn.. HUOOOOOOOOO HUOOOOOO.

anyway, yeah.. lots of useful info on here.
churrrs Born..

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