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:) Allow me to introduce myself..

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...My name is Flo. The username flowithego does not mean i'm egoistic, its just a shortened version of a "graffiti quote" i came across on a wall in London's borough of Deptford just around my college where i used to study graphic design and art. It read, Flow with the go.

I've been thinking about making my own T-shirt's for a long time, and I'm not really interested in making t-shirts to sell. I just want to make t-shirts that reflect a little bit more about me than, say, Diesel does. I want to use quality fabric (i like AA's feel and fit, can you suggest any other brands?), durable, and visually orgasmic. Plus I really want a new hobby, and hopefully i can also meet some great people through this new hobby too.

I'll try to design the graphics myself, though i haven't been practicing graphics for a while so i might be a lil rough around the edges. I hope you guys can help me in this regard as well materials and techniques to use. Yes, I know. I'm asking for too much, but if you could also give me feedback on my designs i'll love you more than i love scooping avocados.

I'm 22 and I'm studying in London at the moment. My university has screen printing facilities so i'm gonna need to get familiar with the technique.

And, Hello!
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Hi Flo, Welcome to the forums. I wish you well with what you are doing.
You will learn a lot here.
Stop back often and chat a while
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