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[Please Help Me!] Vinyl Decal On Favorite Sweater Is Peeling/Lifting [How Can I Fix?]

Hello Everybody! This is my very first post and I did sign up in a rush to post this so I genuinely do apologize if I broke any rules and hope that this is the proper section.

Also, if this has been posted already, I am very sorry. I promise I spent several hours browsing Google, looking for a solution to my issue, and haven't found anything; so here I am!


Don't Want To Read The Entire Post? Here's The Summary:

My favorite sweater has vinyl decals that are peeling/lifting along the edges. Researched all day and couldn't find an answer good enough for me and was hoping you guys could help me out! Photos of The Sweater and The Peeling/Lifting Along Edges of The Vinyl Decals


So I got sick of looking up methods to repair the peeling/lifting so I took action. I placed parchment paper over the decals and hit the decals a few times. This worked for the most part but now I have more questions...

1. Is there any way to make the vinyl decal totally smooth? Currently most of the decals look a little wrinkly.

2. Now that the edges are all pretty much flat against the sweater, what should I do? Do I use some edge seal? What brand do you guys recommend? Does edge seal dry completely clear like invisible can't even tell clear.

Thanks guys!


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The Issue:

So young and naive me (really just one year ago me) believed the washing and drying process was harmless and could NEVER damage clothes. Well, I purchased a limited edition "XO" HM/The Weeknd Collaboration sweater that has (what I believe is) vinyl decals along the arms. This is the first article of clothing I've owned that had vinyl on it so I treated it like any other article of clothing I had.

Well, after a few wash/dry cycles my brother pointed out to me "Dude the edges on your sweater are peeling off." I looked and to my disbelief, he was right! This is my favorite sweater and I cannot simply purchase another one so I decided it best to stop wearing it completely until I found a solution.


Images of The Sweater


So here I am a little over a year later spending the whole day googling for a possible solution to this issue.

Here's what I have so far...

1. I am operating on the assumption that the decal is indeed vinyl. The tag on the sweater doesn't tell me what the shirt is made of; only what the size is.


2. I've seen posts and videos where one simply heats up a clothing iron, places parchment paper (or similar) over the lifting decal, and then ironing the lifting edge for ~10 seconds.

2a. I do not think this will work for me as the edges have been lifted/peeling for over a year now and the adhesive is most likely gone. Also, there's a good amount of dirt now collected under the lifted edges (believe I can clean this with rubbing alcohol though.)


3. I've read about the use of "Edge Seal" for vinyl decals; more specifically it being applied after pressing (sorry if this is not proper terminology) the vinyl to prevent the edges from lifting.

3a. I cannot find anything that says it is okay to use Edge Seal on vinyl decals that are already peeling and located on fabric. I see a lot of car videos or signs but don't recall a specific mention of use to adhere the lifted edges back onto a fabric. Also, if I can use this, do I just "paint" it onto the edges and use something to hold it flat until dried and does it leave (sorry I'm drawing a blank on the right words to use but...) behind any sort of visual trace of being used? Or something recognizable as not originally part of the sweater?


4. I've also read about "Fabric Glues" and "Fusible Webbing".

4a. I actually picked up some Fabric Glue and realized that due to the intricate lifting of the decals, glue would be a bit hard to apply accurately. I also am worried about the glue not being strong enough or not drying 100% clear (like invisible and unnoticeable). As for the Fusible Webbing, (and again I'm not even 100% sure on what this is) I believe it would be extremely hard to use due to the intricate nature of the lifting.

4b. Is Fusible Webbing a solid sheet that may be cut and shapes, placed between two materials, and then ironed (or whatever the 'professional' term for this is... pressing?) to fuse the two materials together. So like a sheet of 'glue' that is heated and it melts and bonds the two surfaces? [/CENTER]


If you read all of this, thank you very much. I tried to be as detailed as possible and try to show I did some research and didn't just come here to be fed answers without even looking anything up.

What do you guys recommend I do? Or is there nothing I can really do to fix this problem? I hope there is and am looking forward to a reply!


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i would say that the fusible webbing 'needs' the porous/uneven surface of material,
so it may not get a good adhesion to the vinyl

it sounds/looks like this is of some importance to you,
so i will toss out a recommendation (and maybe someone will correct me or offer up something better)
but it is in rough shape

gorilla glue or crazy glue (gel might be best in this situation)

lay shirt on a flat hard surface
paintbrush the gorilla glue on the fabric first, then on the vinyl (not too much that it squeezes out later)
move quickly to get it all done, then cover with parchment paper and put many pounds of pressure on top for 24 hours
don't was for at least a couple of days to get a full cure on the glue (more crystals = more strength)

for crazy glue do the same as above, but work in the smallest sections possible
it should only require 30 minutes for a decent cure

either way wash in cold and hang to dry

there is the very real possibility that this may not work and ruin your garment,
but that is my $0.02

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I appreciate your response! The sweater is rather important to me. I'm not sure if I should use gorilla glue or krazy glue as I feel as if I've seen them dry a white color and that would stand out on the black shirt. Also I believe these glues are designed to be water soluble (I think that's the right word) so if I were to wash it the glue would come off. I could be totally wrong though.

I may end up testing this in a small, inconspicuous spot. To clarify, you're saying that I should apply a small amount of cyanoacrylates-based glue first to the sweater itself, and then some more on the underside of the vinyl decal. Then parchment paper with some weight, right?

Do you know if the glue will stick to the parchment paper?

Also, do you have any input on what would happen if I attempted to iron it back on with a clothes iron?
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