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Hi guys!

I'm a graphic designer with a small shop, with about 4yrs in-house printing under my belt. Thus far I've been using dye sublimation and vinyl transfer. After a few ongoing problems with my Ricoh 7100DN, I'm attempting to make the move to DTG, and have acquired an Epson R3000.

Just trying to get to grips with the new machine, which came with no manuals. I've downloaded the basic drivers from Epson, but have no clue how to print my first T-shirt with it.

Apparently I need some software called AcroRip (?) but have read mixed reviews about it and wondered if there's anything else anyone could recommend.

My usual workflow is to hit CMD+P from Photoshop or wherever and go straight into a print dialogue. Very simple. Not with this though, I fear...

Apparently I also need to spray my shirts with pre-treatment, which wasn't a necessary step with dye sub, so I'm sure that'll be a barrel of laughs too.

Any pointers at all would be very welcome indeed as I'm in completely unfamiliar territory, with the hardware and with these forums. Many thanks in advance!
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