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Hi i'm new here, first post.

I recently designed a shirt that's somewhat like this

like it as in, i have a block of text that covers the whole front of the shirt.

I've tried sites like CustomInk and Uberprints, and all of them constrict me to a confined space on the shirt.

Is there a site you would recommend thats very lenient?

I only have 2 colors on the shirt, and I'm looking for a site that does all over on the front. Obviously, i'm not looking to buy a DTG machine.

With that i'm also looking for a site that offers shirts much like tall-tees. a shirt thats thin and long length-wise.

please and thank you
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you need someone with an oversized press, or if your wanting printing over the whole shirt then you need a belt printer.

im pretty sure mammoth printing does oversized stuff, check out their website.
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