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Not sure if anyone remembers these guys, but The T-Shirt Issue released their patterns a few years ago for doing t-shirts made with one piece of fabric.

Cut and sew is always an option, but difficult to print anything of value because of the 17" width limit.

I'm wondering if anyone spent any time looking at all the various patterns and if anyone found one that fits in the 17" x 42" width of the Neoflex?

They show all their patterns on their home page: Home | The T-Shirt-Issue

Of course, this isn't something you'd offer to run-of-the-mill customers, but it's something exciting that the higher end garment designers might love. Designing the garment might be a pain (photoshop plugin or script?), but it might be a big upsell.

Going to probably spend some time today (we're snowed in) playing with some of the layouts and seeing if any of them might fit in a 17" x 42" rectangle.

Toss it on the sewing machine and have a $100 shirt to sell.
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