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"All in One" DTG Printer?

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Im torn between picking the best DTG printer for my needs. Is there a DTG printer that can do shirts, sweaters, shoes (converse / vans) and hats? If so, whats the best one out there? I was torn between the Brother GT series and the Epson F2000/2001 but also seen that shoe add-ons are harder to come by for the Epsons. Those were the only 2 I know about so there may be other better options and even then I'm not sure if those 2 options can handle what I'm looking for. Thanks for any info.
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As far as I know, all of the printers can do that. The thing that has to change is the platen. I'm pretty sure that all of the major players have platens for the different garments.
Bryan is right.

But keep in mind that because you can do it doesn't mean you should or that it will be profitable to do so.

You can burn up a ton of time loading and lining up odd ball items to print.
Appreciate it. I already have a successful shoe business in which I do everything by hand but was looking for automation. But shirts and sweaters is what I really want to do. Any recommendations on which one is the "best"? Again thank you!
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