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All Black ink system leaks onto my films!

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Hey All

I am using the AccuRip RIP for mac and BlackMax ALL BLACK ink I purchased from Ryonet in a liter bottle. I have purchased some refillable cartridges for my epson R2400. All works fine and the films are generally very good. However,after printing about 4 or 5 films, the next film tends to have a lot of really thick smears of ink mainly on the left side of the film as it comes out. The smears are so thick that they run when picked up. When this has happened I have performed a head cleaning and it seems to fix the issue for a while but not for long. I am obviously wasting a bit of film and ink doing this all the time:mad:

Possibly related to this - today I needed to use my printer for regular color printing so I swapped out the black cartridges for my usual Epson ones. When I removed the black cartridges I notice that the 'Yellow' cartridge is completely empty while the others are still quite full - I have all the cartridges checked in the AccuRip software so I am not sure why one cartridge is emptying out- could this be where my ink smears are coming from?

any thoughts would be appreciated:)
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Sounds like the "yellow" cart may be malfunctioning. Check your capping station in the printer. I bet there is a reservoir of ink there as well. The capping station is located where the print head docks. You can press the ink button the move the head to the loading station then move it physically to the left out of the way. Then you will be able to see and/or clean the capping station area.
Since you may have leakage into the printer now, you may want to take a (clip on) flashlight and look around inside. If all the sponges under the printhead travel area are gummed up you'll probably need to clean it out. Lots of paper towels. Depending on how long you've been using the printer, it could simply be buildup due to use rather than a leaky cart, but the empty yellow is suspicious.
Thanks for the info - I will check out the reservoir today. Sounds like I might have a black lagoon down there! Will glove-up for sure. If I find out that the "Yellow" is malfunctioning can I just turn it off in the RIP? I am guessing that it might still leak if it's not behaving when switched on? Do you know if I can buy just a replacement 'yellow' cart anywhere to avoid replacing the whole set? Thanks again.
Hmm, I simply meant the area directly below the paper path, where there is a sponge along the printhead travel area, and a bigger sponge to the left. There is a "reservoir", the waste ink tank that all Epsons have. If you have not modified it to have an external waste tank reroute, you s hould really look into doing it asap.
Thanks All - I have cleaned along under the print head and paper transport area - there was a lot of ink in the station area under the resting position for the print heads. Haven't tried printing yet but I'll post the outcome. Also seems that since my last post the ink carts are draining at similar rates so hopefully it was just clogging... anyways I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for your input.
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