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All 4 ink lights on, cannot print. Please advise

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Any HM-1 users out there? My sometimes reliable HM-1 now has 4 red lights on, these are the ink lights inside by the carriage. I did a waste ink reset and tried changing out all the chips, to no avail. the right button is green, the second button red, no light on the third.
When it starts up, the carriage moves, goes back to the capping station, but does not go through the cleaning cycle, just sits there as if it is ready. So no cleaning cycle and no printing when a job is sent. Before this, had 2 ink lights on, but I turned the machine off and back on, printed a shirt with good coverage, then this occurred. I only print CMYK, the white ink side has been ink free with water in it for 2 years. Changed capping station, cleaned the strip, no help, still the same.

Thanks for any insight on this,

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Although you only print CMYK, ink charges and head clean cycles still get deducted from the white ink chip capacity. Usually 4 lights on the light colour side (white ink) means that the white ink chip needs replacing.
yes, I changed out all the chips, including white
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