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Alignment HELL!!

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Hey guys,

I use a T-Jet 3 Plus and it has been giving me some minor problems but I have been able to work through all of them but one. I use the setting for the standard shirtboard. When I print to FastRIp and it takes me to the screen where I decide where to place my print, I center the print, but when I print to FastRip the print is about an inch to the right (if you are facing the machine looking at the TJET logo) and if I put my print to the very top it prints about 2 inches lower then the edge of the shirt board. Have any of you had this issue or some advice on how to fix it? I am tired of having to guess where I need to place my shirt to get the print to center correctly. :mad::confused:
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I'm not familiar with fastrip, but is your document (plattne) size in the rip program. If not, this could be causing the problem.
I have had a problem like this but not as severe, it ended up like Suzan said with the shirt board size in Fast Artist getting reset and not matching the size I had in the RIP.
What page size are you selecting when you go to Print ?

Best regards

I am just selcting Standard Board from the FastRip setup menu.
I have the same problem with my blazer express. I end up testing 1 or 2 prints before making my run once itis runing it seems to be ok as soon as i get more info i'll pass it along
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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