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This was a real struggle for quite a while, it's the one thing not mentioned that is a total time killer!

This is what I do to help.

1. Fold and centre crease garment
2. Align garment shoulder seems to top of platen edge
3. Align garment side seems to side of platen edge
4. Take the longest length of the logo and divide by 2, so if it's 12cm long the centre is 6cm, now go 6cm in from left edge and see where it stops, remember that position.
5. Align the logo using the above centre position to the garment crease.
6. To align how much you come down just use the ruler from the top edge of the front collar and drop to your desired height, as a reminder you can create a small pen mark on the rule.

Sounds like a lot of work but it really isn't, I find it very effective and time saving.

Hope it helps!

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