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Hello folks,

My name is Blu Pearson also known as MrBluBeardedYeti. I am an expat from the US currently living in Alexandria Egypt with my wife and two kids. We've lived here for the last seven years and have run a coworking space for the last three years.

You might be thinking "Why is this guy even here" and I wouldnt blame you, so I'll explain. I have always been the kinda guy that customizes everything he can. Creating is just part of my DNA. Am I good at it? Well sometimes yes and sometimes not so much haha. But I suppose thats the case with anyone the creates things.

From the time I was in my first band around the age of fourteen, I have loved creating/printing shirts. Back then we started out making band merch and rock & roll tee's with stencil's we cut out of cardboard pizza boxes, laying the shirt the other half of the pizza box, and spray painting over the stencil. Theres nothing better than skating around with your friends in your newly sprayed skully band shirt. We actually even sold a few of those shirts.

My mom got me this DYI screen printing kit on my fifteenth birthday. I think mostly to save the lawn and driveway from the rattle can printing my friends and I had been doing :D It was one of those kits from the hobby store with one screen, three colors of ink, a squeegee, and the photo emulsifier/blocker chemicals. There was a learning curve but made a heck of a lot better shirt.

Later, around eighteen or so, I got a job at a local screen printing shop. That was really cool. I was a squeegee jockey on a 5 color press. I was really interested more in the art set up side of things but with it being a small mom & pop shop that position was filled by their son. But I enjoyed it none the less.

After a year or so I moved on to the world of construction so I could actually pay my bills and life just kept moving along never to return to the t-shirt game. I never quit drawing, creating, or designing through the years, I just did it in other mediums. A couple of those were, started a design and build remodeling and outdoor living company, designed and built a few custom motorcycles at a friends shop on the side, and various other side projects to keep a creative outlet, but in the end, swinging the hammer was always the main gig.

Thirty years later with all these new POD printing places online I find myself drawn back to those days in the yard spraying skulls onto shirts through pizza boxes. I took up Illustrator and Photoshop, which im still working to master, and have decided to get a online shop started as a side hustle that hopefully I can make my regular hustle.

Ive got plenty of questions for all you shirt sages out there so be ready and please, be gentle. haha

See ya in the forums
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