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Airbrush Hip/Hop T-Shirt Designers ?

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This market is something I know little about, seen some screen printed type shirts like " G-UNOT " and a few others but the Airbrush Hip-Hop market appears to be in a class of it's own, Im finding it hard to discover such t-shirt designers.

The only one I know is a local guy http://fashionfreakers.com/celebs.html .

Call out: Any airbrush hip-hop designers on this board or any you would recommend ?

This Hip-Hop thing is something I im interested in learning about.

thanks in advance.
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I dont know any airbrush guys personally but I run into them at every event we do. I did airbrush t-shirts back in the old days and still do some airbrush custom vinyl graphics. Actually had some talented guys next to my booth at the DUB event last year doing Rap artists in black and white and Sponge Bob in color.
Check out this site, he does a lot of the hip hop airbrushed designs:
Wow Rodney what don't you know about tees.
I did a great deal of airbrushing a couple years back but I slowed down somewhat. Here are the people that I know.

www.airbrushfrankhazen.com (the best I know)
www.detroitxxl.com (not bad)
www.muttstudio.com (good friend of mine)
www.saneinfinityartworks.com (another friend of mine)

I hope this helps.
Good ones !

How can I forget about this Guy Tom Davison (westcoastairbrush),


was there airbrush before him ? a genious I tell you.
pick up some underground hip-hop and start from there. you'll get inspired... if you want any recommendations on what to pick up, i'll give you a short list.
thanks Zagadka, please do send it to me.

what is G-UNOT ? i've seen some shirts with this printed on it, is that a hip-hop artist or something ?
Underground hip-hop music or designs? Forgive this old man of 22 who lives in a cave in the forest. :D
well, g-unit is a group... g-unot might be a sploof on the name. i dunno.

i really love hip hop- and there's much more to it than the majority of the music/images/art they show on tv and play on the radio. to me, a lot of that stuff has been tailored to fit the mass' tastes. as an artist, i'm not down with that. partially because they took an art form and made it into a money maker- but that happens with many art movements.

there has been an over saturation of images of violence, money, treating women like crap, etc that are associated with hip hop, some may argue that is one aspect of it, but there is a lot more things going on that most people have never seen, heard, or heard of.

i'll compile a list of things i think you should check out for some inspiration...
Could you send me that information as well please Zagadka? Thanks..
ok, this is just a short list for now, i'll post more when i think of it.

check out obeygiant.com
faaabulous street/sticker/wheatpaster art that all started with the creator, shepard fairey, bringing back the phenomonology school of though. don't worry, there is a brief explaination in the opening page...

argueably one of the best wordsmiths of our time. he completely defies what people think "hip hop" looks like.

sage's playground where he watches over all of his kids. a closed forum community and a great/wide source of so much information- hip hop being the common bond linking us all together. great place for music recommendations!

sage and bernard dolan's project- a wiki style consumer search engine to find dirt on what large companies are doing under the radar.

these are just a few off the top of my head. you may be puzzled after looking at them because they don't embody what "hip hop" is to a lot of folks...but that's the beauty of it. these sites show what hip hop music/culture has inspired people to do.
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Hello T-Bot,

I'm from Vancouver and have purchased from Fashion Freakers' website www.fashionfreakers.com couple times. They are very talented artists, I've also seen them on MTV and Much Music, as I understand it they work with the biggest hiphop stars in the business.

Hope that helps, Sam
Sage: our favorite broccoli eating mc You also can look at the graff site, for that is where a lot of it comes from. check out www.robotswillkill.com
Ive picked up an airbrush, not good enough to say I know about that, and I dont try and claim I know everything about hiphop, but I grew up on it and I used to do graffiti, and I'm still a DJ and still in the Hiphop game.. I'd love to share PM's with anyone asking questions or needing advice..

some other consience hiphop artists that are good to listen to and provoke thought:
Immortal Technique
Jedi Mind Tricks
Aesop Rocks
Mf Doom

thats a real short list, and not everyone on there will appeal to super conservitives, or religious zealots but some of them do put out very thought provoking music, far beyond stereotypical rap music talking about *****es, blunts, and bread..
and obeygiant is a beast, but his movement ismore about making a statement than a hiphop movement. Never the less the man is a genious
G-Unot is what Game (the rapper from LA) came up with when he left G-Unit after all the mess that happened

So basically G Unot is not being affiliated with G Unit in anyway, saying you are against G Unit

Hope that helps

Here is a good airbrusher as well and just a good artist period, I have seen his portfolio, it is crazy really good

MySpace.com - KARCIANO - 37 - Male - Baltimore / va beach, - www.myspace.com/karciano

thanks Zagadka, please do send it to me.

what is G-UNOT ? i've seen some shirts with this printed on it, is that a hip-hop artist or something ?
to piggy back on what shersher said, G-Unot is basically calling 50 cent and the whole G-Unit camp *****es, and snitches and saying theyre not G's
NYC HipHop Scratch Dj here. Been on the low DJing.

Blue Scholars
Roots Manuva
Pigeon Jon

Been busy with the tees,

I also Produce some beats

Got a MPC2000xl, Roland MV8000 , Elektron Monomachine ( my newest toy, and i love it) And a bunch of rack gear, Two Tech 1210s and a vestax pmc05pro and buttloads of records. They are all over the place..

I guess maybe we should start another tread and talk bout making music.. Or just talk music
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