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Air in tube on white chanels of DTG

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I have problem on my DTG with (ofcourse) white chanels (epson 4880). On tubes that go from cartridge to printing head there to many space with air and it gives me problem for good nozzle check. I try normal & power cleaning but no sucsess.
If this air stay in tubes for long time it will dry some ink near and when I start to print it will clogg print head. Any help on this? Thanx!

PS: I know about closed bag ink delivery and I`m thinking about it.
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Remove the white dampers one at a time and use a syringe to pull ink from the carts to the dampers. This should eliminate any air. If it does not, you have an issue of air entering the system through a leak that will need to be diagnosed and repaired.
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I agree.. is it all the white tubes or just one??
all white tubes have air, CMYK dont have air.
all white tubes have air, CMYK dont have air.
Depending on which ink you are using, if you shake the white ink and then pump it through it will contain very small air bubbles. These will return back into larger bubbles once the ink has stood for a couple of hours. To eliminate this problem turn the carts gently to get rid of the separation without gassing the ink up.

Or check the seals on the back of the ink cartridges to make sure dried white ink is not blocking the way for a good seal. If so their are instructions on how to fix this on our website.

Hope this helps.
all white tubes have air, CMYK dont have air.

If you have done Printzilla's suggestion and still have problems then check the capping assembly. You can stick a syringe into the white ink side waste tube and suck out. See if the white ink is pulling out easily or do you feel a lot of resistance. If your printer is over a year old it's not a bad idea to replace the capping assembly in any case as it is a wear item. We recommend changing the assembly once a year as part of a regular maintenance program.

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OK I clear air in tubes on white ink. Problem was that white ink didnt have clear path from catridge,tubes,print head. I stack syringe inside catridge pull fast ink back and forth till there is no resistance inside white carts. Than I do 2 power cleanings and I see white ink start to come from tubes and inside print head and I get good nozzle check for printing. Thank you all for ideas it was helpful.
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