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AI shows it fine CD its all fubared up. Vector image

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I see this every now and then with these SVG files. I open it in AI and it looks fine and I save it as a EPS file and then open in corel cuz sometimes SVG files lockup my CDx4.
In AI its all like its suppose to be but in corel its blank till you go to wire view and then its all fubared up and zig zag lines.
I am assuming its the program it was made with, maybe a newer SVG version ? Not sure just guessing.
Is there a way to fix or save it so I can bring into CDx4 and use it. Can't cut from AI.
In the file the SVG is the original file. The EPS is saved in AI (cs6) and then tried in CD x 4. Just like to know what and why and how to fix when I run into this issue if possible.



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try to save in illustrator with compability for older programs

Specifies the version of Illustrator with which you want your file to be compatible. Legacy formats don’t support all the features in the current version of Illustrator. Therefore, when you select a version other than the current version, some options for saving aren’t available, and certain kinds of data will be changed. Be sure to read the warnings at the bottom of the dialog box so that you are aware of how the data will be changed.
CorelDraw about X6 and back were really poor with some SVG files. Whatever you do, don't do an "Ungroup All" on a svg. It will crash. Ungroup one nest at a time. X7 and after don't do this. SVG is version 1.1 second addition since 2011. It doesn't change often so I don't think it is a svg version problem.

It appears that the svg you shared was made in a slightly older version of Inkscape, were the internal dpi was 90. Newer versions use an internal dpi of 96. I don't think this is the problem. The problem seems to be somewhere along the lines of the compound paths and how they end up as eps and how the fills are filled.

I don't have X4. I have X6-2018. X6 just crashes on the svg. The eps is a big blob. My X6 isn't fully updated, (it keeps asking I keep clicking later.) I tried several approaches in Inkscape. While I could improve things some, it still will fail on part of the image.

What I did do that seems to work is open it in Illustrator. Select the artwork. Open pathfinder. Select merge. Save as EPS vs 9. I opened it in X6 and it looks ok. Can't test X4. There are many irregularities in the path, jaggedness. But I think that was always there. Not sure how it will cut. Maybe you could try the merge then export as an older eps version. I don't really understand what the underlying issues is. In Illustrator if in direct select you can see it appears to be multiple paths, but in Inkscape and Draw it presents it self as one path. Some arcana of compound paths I don't grok.


Draw 2018 opens the svg and it looks normal.
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Sometimes there is unnecessary code in an SVG file that can cause it to display improperly when opened with a different program that created it.

What you can try is: Right click on your SVG file and open it with Internet Explorer. When it opens, right click on the image and click "view source." This will display the file code in a text format. Now copy all the text and paste it into Notepad. It will look confusing if you're not familiar with code, but look for the tag that begins with If there is any code above the tag, delete it. Now scroll to the bottom and check that the last tag is

Save the file under a different name (so you don't overwrite your original) and use the extension .svg instead of .txt - Now import the new file into CorelDraw and see if that solved the problem.
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My X6 isn't fully updated, (it keeps asking I keep clicking later.)
I let the X6 6.4 Hotfix 1 go through. Reading it says "In addition, SVG export and SVG round-tripping (importing SVG files exported from CorelDRAW) was improved"

Maybe its better now.
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