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what up kids...

i represent 1/2 of sub-urban design and effin effigy. this august marks our 1 year anniversary and things are going surprisingly well- thankfully! excuse our cliche myspace page, but our "real" site is currently in the works...


we're a screen printing and graphic design studio, with a little embroidery thrown in just for good measure. 2 lovely ladies fighting the up hill battle of fashion.

i have a BA in merchandising management and i'm also a textile nut- so if i can drop some science here and there, i will. i plan on getting a masters, but we'll see.

a fellow printer clued me into this website- wow, had i know it exsisted several monthes ago- it could have saved some searching. i'm excited to check it out, there seems to be a lot of helpful info.

nice to meet you...

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