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do they stack the shirts in a box, hang them or fold them??
Do you count all the shirts and look at quality on all the shirts?

I then assume you bring the T's to your home and fold then ship?

I guess I am asking your particular "Order of Operations" from the time you pick up the printed shirts to when you ship them.

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CoolHandLuke said:
Some printers will fold and bag for an additional fee. Saves you some time and the shirts stay clean and neat.
That's what I have done with my screen printer.

I originally started out folding them myself (well, my wife did :)). Then after I found out that they offered folding and bagging, it made things so much easier.

For the shirts I fulfill myself, I have these nice shelves in my office that I put my inventory on. Gives me a quick birds eye view to see when stock is getting low.

When I'm processing orders, I just pull the shirts from the shelf, pack them in the USPS Tyvek envelope, pull the label from the printer and ship them off.

I then schedule a free Carrier Pickup at USPS.com and my mail carrier comes to my doorstep and picks up my packages the next day.
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