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After washout emulsion running onto print??

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as title, my last couple of screens have failed, I have reclaimed properly including ghost remover and decreasing, unfortunately I had a print to do onto hoodies. I came to print the job and the ink wasn't printing to the garment properly, I have redone my screen with same print and noticed areas where the emulsion has run after washout. The pic shows the very fine layer of green over the washed out area.

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1. Brand name of emulsion?

2. How old is it?

3. What's your drying procedure after washout?
I'm thinking that your emulsion wasn't completely dry before you exposed.
I normally let mine dry 24hrs before exposure.
Or if you don't expose long enough and the light doesn't penetrate all the way through the stencil. The back side won't be hardened enough. Sometimes that unexposed emulsion will run down into the open mesh and dry. Just a thought.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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