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After washing out image on screen...

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Sorry for the silly question but how low long do you typically wait after washing out an image on a screen before you start using it to print your tees? Reason I ask is that I need to get some tees done by 8pm tonight but I wont be able to make the screen until about 1:30pm. I usually make screens at least a day before I start printing but this time, I wasn't able to get to it as soon as I would have liked. Just wondering if I will have any issues if I start using the screen only 2-3 hours after it's done. Thanks!
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I use paper towels to take off the excess water right after washing and then let it air dry for 30 mins this time of year (my shop area is really warm this time of year).

After that I start taping the screens and making shirts.

You could put the screen in front of a fan after hand drying it a bit to speed things up. I usually don't do this because of the fast dry time I already have right now.
use newspaper to get a lot of the water off the screen. Don't rub it around, just place it on and pat it down so the paper is flush with the mesh. Or if you're in a real hurry you can either blow a fan on your screen, or use a hair dryer to speed dry it. Just keep the hair dryer moving, you don't want to toast your screen.
Thanks for the tips. This helps me alot. I already made the screen for the back of the shirt yesterday so I'll just start doing the back of the shirts while i hit the screen with the fan. It's 50 shirts so that should give the screen enough time to fully dry.
It takes my screens about 30 mins to dry out (midwest) - I'm usually busy doing some other prep work while they're drying anyway. I also put my screens back on the exposure unit after dried to fully set the image (especially if I will be using it for future jobs).

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