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After having the Trademark of a Logo

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We have a logo and a name for the clothing line already approved by USPTO(US Patents and Trademarks Office). We submitted all initial forms through a company online which specializes in that. They requested a drawing of the logo and they said it was ok. Along the process USPTO found that the logo didn't show neat edges when enlarged, sending it back to me to be improved. They don,t contact the people who prepared the package, but the requester. We fixed it, the time of the research passed and finally the mark was accepted. Unexpected situations forced us to file the 6 months extensions, up to now that we are in the last one. We have only 5 months left.
Has someone done this last stage filling the form on his own or went to a lawyer to do it? Is there things to consider that only a lawyer can deal with to ensure success at the end?
Thanks for your advise.
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If I'm understanding you correctly, the drawing you submitted would have been part of the STATEMENT OF USE form. If that's the case, you shouldn't have anything else to do. It may take a few more weeks, but your trademark should be registered soon and you will receive a certificate in the mail which completes the process.
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