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After a few years away from the biz, opening a new shop

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I have almost a decade of screen printing experience but left the industry to open my own web development company several years ago. Business has been good, but through an interesting twist of fate I'm in the process of helping a client open and operate a new shop!

It feels good to be back behind the squeegee and I'm glad to be here on the forum!
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Hi Seth,
Have you set up your website yet? Given your background, I'd be curious to see how you present your business.
Hi Myra,

Haven't had the chance to build the website yet, though I'm looking forward to it.

Currently there's just a placeholder with the first draft of the logo at http://jeffersonink.com

My web dev company, Strange Wind Studio, has an established site at http://strangewindstudio.com

Once I get the screen printing shop's site up and running, I'll be sure to post here on the forum for feedback!
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Very cool Seth! Once you've been bitten it's kind of in your blood! :)
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