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I've always like the design style of shirts by the clothing company Affliction [google]. It looks like the artist sketched the design on the shirt. Is this an example of making t-shirts using sublimation or some other method? Im an artist myself and would like to use this method of producing shirts for my own T-business once i'm up and running. I appreciate any help or info you may be able to provide.
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They use waterbased discharge all over printing with foil, embroidery, applique, and studs.
You tube video showing discharge screen printing on black shirt...
This Forum is truly a great place, I'd been wondering how they did that for a while now, thanks much for the info. I must say it looks a lot like screen printing (which I wasn't expecting for some reason). If you don't mind, is this also the method that One More Round (google) uses for it's shirts? This water based discharge printing seems like the kinda method I'd need for creating/designing the type of shirts I have in mind. Can anyone tell me the pros/cons of using this method or point me in the direction of more useful links. Again thanks so much!
One more round, Hostility, Warrior, UFC, and every other company uses it. Look here for more info.

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