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Aerotex to catalyst ratio

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I saw in an earlier post that a forum member was mixing his Aerotex in 1/4 kit quantities. Has anyone broken down the mix ratio by more definitive weight or volume proportions? I like the idea of an air cure ink but I would be using very small quantities so the smaller the batch I could mix, the better. Any info would be greatly appreciated. TIA
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The main problem with the mix is the catalyst bottle is so small (maybe an ounce, if I remember correctly) that it is difficult to measure less than a complete mix. Think of a food coloring bottle, that's how small it is.

I personally did not like the way this ink came out. Union has another ink that does not require catalyst at all. But for 100% wash fastness, it can't be washed for 30 days after applying.

There is always Matsui and permaset. :)
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