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Advise on SofStretch vs. Double Green

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Anyone out there have any evperience with the Double Green paper vs. the ProSoft paper????

Thanks in advance for the replies, all suggestions or advise are appreciated...

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Hi Chris,

I've not seen much out there on Double Green paper. What I do see usually says heavy hand, or cracks. If you do a search on Double Green, you will see what I mean. In all fairness, I can only say what I see out on the boards. But I wouldn't buy double green for shirts myself.

Not when there is a paper like Jetpro Sofstretch on the market. JPSS (jetprosofstretch) is about as great as it gets for shirts. Soft hand, colorfast, can work with various inks. I bleach my shirts many times in wash tests, they look great.

Here's some pics:

Not many papers are going to hold up to that, and none that I've heard of being bleached. I like tshirtsupplies.com and New Milford Photo as suppliers. You can google for more, price varies, and make sure to sign up for newsletters with everyone so you know who is having a sale when. Tshirtsupplies.com is offering another 5% off their low prices for signing up for the newletter. New Milford Photo has been known to hold awesome sales. Good luck to you and ....
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....I have some white shirts that were made back in FEB. using JPSS ......full spectrum of bright colors ,,,,,have been washed many times with bleach added to the wash.... NO FADING !!!
WOW is correct!!!!!
.....keep it up Neenah!!!!
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I have not heard of double green paper but can agree with the other posters that jetprosofstretch is the best paper out there right now. The color retention and the hand is simply amazing. I could not imagine using another paper :D
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