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ok - I know, I know... Save and get a rowland(sp) lol
BUT - Hubby said I can get a starter cutter and is telling me around 400. I see a few on EBay and just wanted a couple opinions before I buy tomorrow.
I will be using it for simple business T's and also few car window decals & company business window letterings.
So, is a 24" fine? I was looking at bigger but I can't see the need for the items I make. My heat press is only 12x12 but I figure I can gang sheet to cut.
Would I be better getting a 34 or 36" if I am going cheap? I just want to help make a few extra $ to save for a bigger in the future but don't want it breaking down on me. :)
A few I am checking out are USCutter & ones from Flexi Sign (Flexi sign seems to have good customer service & cutting program)
I will be using AI for my design work.
Thnks for any help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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